Charlestown Land Trust

Preserve and Protect What You Love

Join CLT in our mission to preserve Charlestown’s open space and natural character for the lasting benefit of our community. The land trust preserves and protects the distinctive character of our local area through acquisition and management of open space.

Charlestown Land Trust

Spring is coming, and with it, an uptick in activity at CLT.

Volunteers are out in the field doing our annual monitoring of CLT properties and conservation easements.This yearly responsibility checks for any violations or concerns and assures the upkeep and protection of our properties in perpetuity, as we promised!

We are hoping to resume more events and programming this year so be sure to keep an eye out for details on a summer Party, Annual Trail Run, and much more.

The Summer 2024 Farmers Market, now in its 17th season, will run from Friday, June 21st to Friday, August 30th, 2024.

The Charlestown Land Trust has been preserving and protecting the distinctive character of our local area and offers this market as a way to connect the community and promote land stewardship.

For news and updates visit our CLT Facebook page and our Instagram page (@clt_farmersmarket)

Angela Brunetti

Board of Directors:
Bill McCusker (President)
Patrice Fenton (Vice President)
John Varadian (Treasurer)
Jane Burns (Secretary)
Bruce Dancause
Dave Fredrikson
Katherine Gibson
Keith Killingbeck
Kent Kreutler
Lisa McGinley
Doug McGovern
Sheila Martin